Your Money Might Tell People Whether Your Wealthy Or Poor …

4 min readMay 18, 2018

The past 20 years I’ve been fascinated by science and planet energies. Must be my Aquarius in lucky jupiter in the tenth house of fame, status and career! I’ve followed many astrologers who are legit and credible and currently following new ones to reinforce my work.

Due to an incredible journey I’ve had of ups and downs (I have to pinch myself!) I’ve relied on planets to clearly understand what is happening with the world and myself. I’m a believer. God first and foremost and the rest follows.

As #cryptocurrencies are on the rise this year I couldn’t help to get educated.

I’ve heard of #bitcoin however decided to wait it out mainly because I had no clue what it does and how to invest. In reality I’m still learning…

Recently in San Pedro, California (my town) a new start-up blockchain technology lounge similar to “Wework” opened up and it’s a place to network with others, brainstorm, connect, grow, get information, work etc… it’s a really cute place. I had the pleasure to attend their Grand Opening and received soo much information. It really was a fun opening! :)

To get information of this amazing place go here

This year my #wordoftheyear is “FUN” it’s a word that keeps me accountable and never did I think it would align with blockchain innovation … But it has and so I’m game!

I love to learn and learning I’m doing as I work with my coaching clients as well via skype or facetime. It’s a fun year alright! :)

Looking for a word of the year? It’s not too late! :)

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Since I rambled a little about what’s happening within my community and self decided to write about bizarre predictions (all thoughts mine) ❤ This blog is based on intuition and not how to invest… I’m still learning crypto! :)

The past week I’ve been involved in twitter chats a.k.a. #mobilechat #blockchain and it’s captivated me in knowing more! Expect more! In one of our chats it was noted in Australia anything you purchase over 10k will have to be via digital currencies. Your cash will no longer be good.

So what happens if you’re a billionaire and want to purchase property or a yacht in AU?

Will you continue to be considered in the 1% if you’re NOT able to purchase luxurious items?

Will you be purchasing low ticket items instead of high ticket fancies? If you’re not investing in crypto currencies I’m afraid this is where many wealthy people will end up unless you’re open to a new way of life.

Today we’re able to tell the wealthy based on the cars they drive, the zip code they live, the elite…

Now with blockchain the majority of millennials which is more than 50% will become more innovating.

Innovation are:

  • Bold
  • Surprising
  • Visionary
  • Observe the masses and do the opposite

How will millennials be seen?

Could they be #RKOB (Rich kids of blockchain)

#RMOB (Rich millennials off bitcoin)

Purchasing yachts, driving lambo’s, buying land, charitable work, eating healthier, traveling around the world, helping their parents ect…

For example Asian immigrants living in Australia. Wealthy immigrants who were once peasants in their country are now super rich in a distant country.

Read article here

Could crypto millennials become a billionaires? Anything is possible with Uranus! The planet of shock! The planet of Innovation!

What Innovation does is challenges assumptions and forces people to think in new ways. What do you assume in blockchain that will change your life? What’s the fear? Innovation opens your eyes to a new world. It disrupts traditional ways of working and brings in creativity. Something fresh. Something new.

Bitcoin paranoids rejoice!

Foxconn will make the world’s first #blockchain smartphone with feature for crypto enthusiasts. The phone will feature an embedded cold storage wallet, and will be built by the same company that builds the iphone

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As I learn more about crypto currencies I will share with the world. Nothing is rock solid, set-in-place… but then again … what is? You can follow my twitter chats and posting on blockchain technologies!

To your creativity!

Sharing is fascinating if you found value share with your friends ❤

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