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8 min readMar 20, 2018

GroundBreaking News!

((( Taurus in Uranus Predictions )))

Everyone is talking about the main event happening on May 15, 2018 when the bull enters unpredictable Uranus and in this blog I write about what to expect in the coming years for Taurus, Asc, Moon and Mars in within the next 7+ years. No dates just intuition :) Enjoy!

I’m pretty excited about this transit as I’m a taurus rising. How the world sees me. My persona, personality, face, attitude, how I come across to others etc …

If you’re crosswatching for a Taurus pass it on!

The bulls will be the main star in the next seven years.

All eyes will be on you!

Uranus will bring in the spotlight

Positive energy and huge shift in the bull’s life for the next seven years! Life changing in love, business, career, home, health and family. You can start seeing weight drop easily if you’re trying to lose weight! I’m pretty happy about this as I’ve been up and down lately. Out of the blues changes, hectiness, overwhelmed by soo many things and will have many options.

Keynote: Uranus is not compatible with Taurus. Uranus is electric, shocking, unpredictable. Taurus is predictable, safe, familiar.

Uranus is ruled by Aquarius — ruling technology, vehicles, computers, I.T. hackers. Uranus rules high vibration of the mind and you will have huge ideas, outside the box thinking and unconventional ideas. There will be challenges. Not all sunshine and rainbows but you will see progress. Last time we seen this revolutionary sign in the bull was back in the 1930's! I don’t know about everyone but most of us were not born in such a time of Al Capone and his the italian mob when prohibition was in effect.

Uranus rules the 11th house — charities, clubs, groups geniuses, space, sci-fi, anything to do with aliens and the sky, lightning bolts and shocking news.

You will see challenges when he first enters your sign. He will need time to settle. Stay neutral and open-minded. He doesn’t like tradition like Saturn ruled by Capricorn. Uranus is the genius of the zodiac (Aquarius qualities)

Aquarians can be:
Scientists, inventors, forensic, astronaut, technicians

Uranus is about spreading information and release information. You may meet Aquarians who are teachers spreading news. Aquarians are humanitarian, love teaching, are helpful and make lots of friends.

Taurus is the second house ruled by Venus

  • Money
  • What you value
  • Love and sex

Venus rules beauty, sex, massages, cologne, oils, glamour, lipsticks, weddings, love, social gatherings, party and celebrations. Venus is about love, seductress, female, lover, aesthetic, beauty, happiness, feel-good type of things.

You may dye your hair electric yellow, fuschia, pink, blue (aquarius color) purple. Shocks! Lightning bolts! You are charged and he will strike you! You’re going to transform with Uranus and it will not come without challenges.

Weird people, odd people will come into your life. There will be strong likes and dislikes. Taurus is dogmatic and unable to open to new ideas! Open! Open! Open! (including myself, I can be curious but in other areas I’m closed) that will all change now!

Do the opposite!

Massages, make-up, getting your nails done on a huge level. You can open a nail salon, hair removal salon, cosmetology on a higher level. Open a sex-shop with lingerie, massage oils. Think Kamasutra Brand!


What to expect in love with Uranus?

Love will come but unconventional. Think outside of box when it comes to love. Explore. The person most likely not datable according to your vision-board or list will not do it with Uranus. It’s asking you to be open to a different nationality, younger or older person, speaks different language, has children, divorced, is into the bizarre. Divorces, breakups are prominent as well especially if it’s not on solid ground. Anything faulty will break.

Expect to visit weird places and be curious while traveling just to check it out. Having that itch to go to a strip bar just for thrills? Well just do it! At least you can check it off your bucketlist! Just to say you were brave to enter an un-forbidden place that nobody knows about. It doesn’t mean that’s who you are it’s just to see what’s out there and realize I’m really normal and not cooky! Or you can be a little nutty and that’s okay too!

Remember Uranus rules the weird and the bizzare! Think Madonna!

Uranus doesn’t like stubbornness and Taurus can be stubborn. Be very flexible and adaptable. Don’t get attached to everything and everyone because that’s what Uranus is not. Uranus is de-tached. Detached to solutions. Out-of-the-box! Get ready because you’re going to fly! You’re chosen to the be the star in the next seven years.

Doors will open in entertainment, communications, sales, internet networking and inventing.

“Be Prepared Or Be Surprised”

Uranus creates chaos. He is going to upheaval in the financial area on a global scale that can affect finances. He caused hurricanes in Florida and we may see seas rise to high elevation.

Biblical weather is happening!

Climate change will happen. Bridges and buildings may come down. Earthquakes (earthy Taurus + shocking Uranus) volcanoes, shifting tsunamis around the world. Wall street will fall or a chain reaction will happen.

Catastrophes from weather to financial. Blackouts! Seems in San Pedro, California (my town) we’ve been effected by blackouts from gush of water to pipes broken ending up in loss of power. I even joked about “The DWP” (Department of water and power) making lots of money fixing electricity in our city!

So just prepare for the worst. Plan an exit!

  • Can your own foods
  • Stock up on candles
  • Have flashlights with extra batteries
  • Buy extra phone battery chargers just in case
  • Jackets, sweaters and boots for cold weather

Just know these changes are here to help us, not cripple us. New currency, Gold bars can happen! Printed money will no longer be valid.

These financial predictions Robert Kiyosaki had warned us about years ago. Printed money R.I.P. and banking will no longer be good for us. In the beginning it will be difficult to adjust but then we will see how dependent we were on the government, people, money…anything that has held us back. Time to unshackle the chains and run with freedom and independence.

The currency is changing to Bitcoin or other online currency $$$

One world order — one government. Be prepared! Be aware! Be mindful so changes won’t shock you! Real Estate, Banking, Student Loans, Home Loans, Wall Street (anything involving finances) Uranus breaks free from restrictions or oppressions.

Warren Buffet comes to mind as he’s invested a lot and is established in his field as a respected Leader. Has knowledge and assurance in what he does however what happens when the old is obselete and not working in today’s innovative world?

Knowing he has Uranus in Aries (which is compatible, they get along fine) makes me believe he can take action and be bold enough to innovate. Buy airplanes? Perhaps! :) Seen an article he’s been thinking of investing in airplanes.

That’s innovation!

Read article here: http://money.cnn.com/2018/02/26/news/companies/warren-buffett-airline/index.html

I’d like for him to talk about his ideas, have others engage and be more open which will lead to more conversations. By becoming Innovative and more creative in any given situation that demands new ideas apply the boldness of the Aries in Uranus to spark a change! If you’re not innovating, you’re not inventing surprising solutions!

Turn something old into something new!

Taurus will enter Uranus from May — November and then re-enters Aries through 2019 and then remainder years will go back into Taurus and so you have the opportunity to Innovate since Aries/Uranus rules your chart!

How not to get stuck:

  • Follow the latest trends
  • Use flamboyant wording
  • Change slogans, locations or packaging (brands)

Watch McDonald's they are Trust/Innovation. (Taurus + Uranus) Their restaurant caters a family vibe with Innovation such as digital computerized menu to place your order and apps to see the latest food.


“Never hesitate to build loyalty however invent solutions to change traditions and you’ll change the game!”

“To evolve in a fast changing environment you need to Innovate!”

Innovation is:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Bold
  • Visionary (People show us what the world can become)
  • Surprising (Ahead of everyone, very Aquarius)

Aquarius is future! future! future!

How can you stand out?

How can your personality help you breakthrough with Innovation in a comfort-zone type of world?

How about you sing? dance? embarrass yourself! What is something you’ve never dared or tried before? Do that! All in moderation of course!

I’ve tweeted some cool mythology on Uranus V’s Saturn but in case you missed it … Here’s some storytelling for you astrology fanatics!

Story-tells high elevation, intelligent Uranus was the blue sky. His wife was Gia (mother earth) she wanted him killed and asked her children to kill their father but none would do it. Why she would want him killed? He probably abused her as she wanted his testicles gone. Reminds me of Lorena Bobbit! So the only brave son Saturn chopped his testicles threw them in the ocean and Venus was born.

Italian artist named Sandro Botticelli painted famous canva with Venus rising out of the deep waters and was inspired by beautiful Venus so he painted a beautiful art piece.

Star Of The Sea — The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli (1486)

And so as I end this blog which took me longer than expected due to two blackouts in my area (not kidding!) I share it with anyone who is curious, fascinated with predictions, energies, planets, science and what’s to come!

Sharing is fascinating if you’re cooky and wacky share it away or if you’re not too crazy just share! ❤

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