What You Need To Know About Taurus In Uranus …

GroundBreaking News!

If you’re crosswatching for a Taurus pass it on!

All eyes will be on you!

Uranus will bring in the spotlight
  • Money
  • What you value
  • Love and sex
Do the opposite!

What to expect in love with Uranus?

Remember Uranus rules the weird and the bizzare! Think Madonna!

Doors will open in entertainment, communications, sales, internet networking and inventing.

“Be Prepared Or Be Surprised”

Biblical weather is happening!

  • Can your own foods
  • Stock up on candles
  • Have flashlights with extra batteries
  • Buy extra phone battery chargers just in case
  • Jackets, sweaters and boots for cold weather

The currency is changing to Bitcoin or other online currency $$$

That’s innovation!

Turn something old into something new!

How not to get stuck:

  • Follow the latest trends
  • Use flamboyant wording
  • Change slogans, locations or packaging (brands)

“Never hesitate to build loyalty however invent solutions to change traditions and you’ll change the game!”

“To evolve in a fast changing environment you need to Innovate!”

Innovation is:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Bold
  • Visionary (People show us what the world can become)
  • Surprising (Ahead of everyone, very Aquarius)

Aquarius is future! future! future!

How can you stand out?

How can your personality help you breakthrough with Innovation in a comfort-zone type of world?

Star Of The Sea — The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli (1486)

Sharing is fascinating if you’re cooky and wacky share it away or if you’re not too crazy just share! ❤



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