The Hidden Mystery Behind Subway And How It Changed My Life

4 min readFeb 16, 2018

Could there be such a thing as vegetarian adventures and what is it?

Many years ago while living in Ahwatukee, Arizona I traveled from Arizona to California back and forth every month. I’m originally from CA and visiting my parents is something I did.

My vegetarian adventure started when my sister and I were pumping gas at “Loves” gas station not sure if you’ve heard of it but it’s on the way toward Arizona. Lots of goodies and food which we were pretty much starving!

So we enter and go straight to #Subway

Who doesn’t love the subbie sandwiches? As I’m about to order a chicken sandwich I’m told there’s no more chicken! So I say okay, how about a meatball sandwich then? No meatballs! I say noo meatballs? You serious? Ok, what about a cheese steak sandwich? No steak either!

I’m about to choke with laughter! Ha! Ha!

Like are you serious?

Then what do you guys have I ask? And we were told only veggies, cheese and condiments… An option that was offered was a “veggie delight” and I looked at my sister and said do you want to eat a veggie delight or wait till the next stop? She said let’s just eat what they have. I said okay! So we decided to experiment on this famous veggie delight!

To my delight it was Amazingly delicious! Never in a million years did we think we would love a vegetarian sandwich but we did! We were raving how good it was and when we got home we decided to shop at WholeFoods in Tempe, AZ which is minutes away.

We bought veggies, pitas, fruits, romaine lettuce, seasonings, condiments, vitamins you name it we were shopping! It was an experiment and not because someone recommended it to us but because the sandwich was sooo good at Subway! We figured we can make amazing subs too and other delish vegetarian meals plus my sister loves to cook!

I had my personal chef no kidding!

I would come home from work which was minutes away and dinner was ready! My sister lived with me because living alone was really lonely and wanted company plus wanted to give her the experience to live in another state and a change of lifestyle.

We got soo into the vegetarian way of living that we became naturals. No chicken, meat, ham or bologne! We had eggs so we weren’t vegans.

Have you ever experienced what seemed like an unfortunate event and then discover by taking a chance it becomes a blessing in disguise?

Well, that’s what happened to us!

We continued this lifestyle and not only did we lose weight but our hair was shiny and our skin had a perfect glow! I’ve heard hair becomes healthy due to the humidity and since I’ve never lived in AZ this is something new I experienced. Losing weight was something easy eating healthy, working out and taking vitamins. We hiked a big gigantic mountain behind us I believe it was called “South Mountain” and it was enough to get a sweaty workout!

South Mountain, Phoenix AZ Hiking Trails

Not only did I notice I was losing weight but was getting taller and my digestion was on point! Just as a baby knows when it’s duty time so did we! It was crazy! That’s something I’ve never experienced. If it was 3 pm on the weekends and we ate 1 to 2 hours prior exactly at 3 pm it was that time.

Our bodies are amazing!

I used to socialize and date a lot back then and so to eat only meat-less dishes at restaurant was pretty difficult as I love Italian food then again there was Sushi in downtown Scottsdale which I loved at RA!

Downtown Scottsdale, AZ (RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant)

And so everything in moderation. Changing a lifestyle is not easy but it’s possible. Anything is possible! It’s just a matter of thinking and wanting it.

I’m documenting my adventures as I’ve just recently cut out sugar out of my diet and what’s soo funny is I heard from the news media Rob Lowe (A Pisces) has been hired by Atkins to spread a healthy lifestyle. He has a similar story of how he stays young and how he’s cut sugar out of his diet for many years… Hmmm … Good for Rob! :)

To Your Adventures!

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