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“The dogs with the loudest bark are the ones that are most afraid” — Norman Reedus

Years ago I had no self-awareness. I thought things happen because they do! Boy was I wrong! Today I think much differently and yes I am totally aware (Woke!) About 3 days ago I experienced an almost ugly situation of getting mauled by a big fat pit bull and as I think back of the scenario and how it’s tied to the planetary energies we experienced I decided to write this blog.

See for the past 48 hours (friday through saturday) we were under a Scorpio moon which symbolizes death, transformation, endings, diving deep and it was opposing the bull (Taurus in Uranus) Taurus rules self-worth, value, security, wealth, stability, rock solid foundations. Uranus is shocking, surprising, bold

Taurus in Uranus energies is of unchaining yourself. Having freedom. Where women are being supported by Uranus the planet of innovation and change.

“If it ain’t broke … break it! (QUOTE)

When there’s an opposition in planets think of two planets going toe to toe as in a boxing match. The purpose of opposing planets is to uncover, resolve and let go what no longer works. It may not seem fun dealing with at first however at the end there will be a solution or an end.

When I think of Scorpio energies

Ruled by lethal pluto it tells me endings of some sort. It can be deaths literally or transformations by digging deep. You will notice in the news celebrities dying or random people dropping like flies. Under these planetary influences I received not soo welcoming news of my uncle’s death. He’s been sick for many years and unfortunately too young to die. Was told he died of heat exhaustion. In Mexicali, BC where my family lives — it gets shocking hot! At about 120 degrees reminds me of Arizona weather however the lack of air-conditioners can bring havoc to the elderly or sick.

I’m just glad he is in a better place now without pain and with our loved ones who have passed on. I also seen some twitter trends of others passing by one which was an award winning food critic and so it doesn’t surprise me when Scorpio or pluto is hanging around especially when it’s opposing or squaring other planets.

Fast forward

To the incident I experienced with the pit bull or not … Seeing this rabid beast chained against his owner’s fence and barking at everyone who walks by gave me the chills and saying …

What an angry dog!

He wanted to let loose! And I thought isn’t that fascinating that’s exactly what Taurus in Uranus is! Uranus is about unchaining yourself, releasing the ball and chain! And Taurus is about self-worth, value and money.

As I observed him across the street chained which he was barking at me as well haha! A lady passed by me and said “Get out of here, he’s going to let loose!” yet I didn’t leave, I stood there sending a text to a friend and to my dismay it got loose and ran like the devil! It ran fast towards luxurious high-rise buildings (money) and many people were yelling get out of the way! It was ready to attack anyone as it was angry! I didn’t get to see everything as I ran the opposite direction in a parking lot and was ready to climb a car and spray my pepper spray in case I would get attacked!

(Got to be protected!)

I ran soo fast I sprained my right calf leg. I said why the right leg and not the left leg? The right leg symbolizes stepping right foot in the right direction. It felt like a charlie horse 3X yet my leg became frozen! I couldn’t move it and I was in pain! I said Greeeeat! Now what?! But I didn’t cry even though I was in pain. I actually felt more strong than ever which is a great sign! I walked to the market next door and bought ibuprofen extra strength and it minimized the pain somewhat but I was limping. I’m making great strides and remarkable improvements by massaging muscle with dragon muscle cream (no promotion)and using my copper socks! They work I sware! I can now walk without limping which makes me sooo happy! You don’t know how much you appreciate healthy legs until one goes out temporary and I have strong legs!

Had I left the scene prior to the angry dog letting loose I probably have prevented this incident but I didn’t and so that’s a lesson for me. I was clueless on my phone and didn’t think it would go free! And what do the owners have to say about their dog? Like didn’t they hear him bark for almost 20 minutes non-stop? Geeeesh!

Not adhering to my fire alarm at home which rang the night before (when it rings it’s a sign something is up not that there’s a fire!) It’s my angels warning me and the random lady alerting me as well.

I don’t know if the dog was caught, dead and how many innocent bystanders it attacked as I was too afraid to see where he was running. I only seen the street he rapidly ran in which was by the port police office hopefully they caught the dog!

As I think of the dog and how angry it was (scorpio moon) it was out to attack anyone in the way as it ran and how scary he looked! Ever seen the movie “Cujo” it’s about a dog with rabies attacking a family while traveling. My dream book also reads barking dogs mean enemies and a tranquil, docile dog means a loving relationship and faithfulness. The Taurus in Uranus within the dog was having the freedom to run free and running towards luxurious apartments is wealth, money, status. It’s running towards something better and wants to have some sense of self-worth $$$ no matter what! No matter the attacks!

Not very smart if you ask me but hey it’s a bitch!

Analyzing the situation and how it went down I’ve come to the conclusion that yes there’s haters. There’s evil in this world and you have to be willing to fight for your BIG dreams!

Business Is War And Sport — Andre Maurois

If you have no haters you’re nobody in reality or not making an impact in the world and that’s okay not everyone does however if you are attempting to change and improve other’s lives know it’s going to cost you something.

My leg is soo much better and I’m happier. It’s the small things that make you appreciate how precious just walking or running is.

When I think of the dog I say what was the purpose of the attacks? How is that going to help the dog especially in a city where there’s plethora of police officers, port police officers and security officers always in the vacinity? I know it’s only a dog perhaps the owners can spend more time with the dog, take it for walks, give it the freedom it seeks.

Scorpios are powerful people by no means and are wonderful people as long as they don’t go to the dark side (envy, rage, anger, jealousy, revenge) They must master their emotions or they’ll end up like this rabid dog!

Be fearless! Be open! Transform!

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