Pisces, Strategy Depends How You Take Action And Raising The Lid Is A Sure Way To Do it

4 min readJan 27, 2018

“Popularity is the slutty cousin of prestige” — Birdman

As we end the first month of 2018 and approach a lunar full moon eclipse (Blue Moon) in theatrical Leo On January 31st which has not occurred in 150 years by the way major shifts are happening and wanted to write a little more what it means for “Pisces”

The trifecta full moon will effect everyone. It’s time to put yourself out there and be seen!

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Today Scorpio moved out of mars and Sagittarius entered for everyone

For Pisces it’s in our 10th house of fame and fortune (social status) which means we have to raise our lid, elevate and climb higher. It’s the house where all eyes are on our careers and what we’re working on at the moment. It’s the “Let’s see how far he or she will go?”

No pressure whatsoever! :)

When stern or what others call (party pooper) “Saturn” was in adventurous Sagittarius we (Pisces) we’re dealing with the tenth house of career, fame and fortune. Not only was it challenging, it was also squaring Sag-Pisces. Most likely there was trouble in paradise for these two signs. Whether a parent, friend, partner, colleague were at each others throats. Thank goodness it’s moved out and is in it’s home of Capricorn. A much needed relief.


And so you may ask what’s all of this? I don’t get it?

Well due to our tenth house returning to Mars in Sagittarius (notice how everything is in time patterns) our careers are the main focus not saying you can’t have fun in the love department because you certainly can! Mars is not only action but sex and being in a fire sign you will need a hero! Ha! Joking!

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We’re living through powerful times and although it may seem scary it’s quite exciting if you capitalize and amp your ambition! Not only must you have a strategy but you must take action in the direction you are moving in.

“When you’re willingly to step forward, you win recognition, gratitude and emotional energy” — Quote

It’s possible that you have a hero inside you who is being called forth by current circumstances?

If that’s the case, don’t resist; accept the invitation. It’s not often that we get a ready-made opportunity to be honorable. It’s to everyone’s benefit that you think of yourself as a person who is able and willing to make a positive difference.

The 10th house is about “Prestige” and speaks the language of excellence! (Ruled By Capricorn)

Caviar Petrossian Anyone?

Here’s five ways to lift the lid when it comes to this trait all Pisces must apply

  1. Ambition — You’re always raising the bar high for yourself and others. You know exactly what you want to achieve in five years and strategize to achieve it in two!
  2. Focused — You don’t just peacefully observe. You zero in your goal and pursue it with intensity
  3. Confidence — You seek life ambitiously. You do your best to exceed goals and deadlines than the rest of the group. You like to be on the winning team.
  4. Uncompromising — You and your team knows how to overcome customer objections when it comes to purchasing. You stay committed in face of challenges or obstacles. You don’t back down or settle to easily when facing dilemmas
  5. Fierce — Your drive can seem intimidating and can also be perceived as a stellar leadership asset. You’re the CEO everyone respects. You’re the leader everyone follows naturally!

Be creative all through March 17th as that’s how long you can use this energy to elevate to the next level, become more influential or respected.

Remember the world is watching!

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