If It Ain’t Broken, BREAK IT!

#GIRLBOSS Netflix Season One

So, It’s 1:20 a.m and I’m here writing my #GIRLBOSS netflix review! If many haven’t heard of the show it debuted on April 21st via NETFLIX and I’m not going to lie I signed up, got my account back just to watch the ups and downs of a Girlboss Entrepreneur go from rags to riches!

A little more on my cancellation with netflix… I had no time! No time to binge watch movies or TV shows for that matter as I was always on the go go go! However I’ve managed to slow down more now after an incident I had that resembled to Sophia from Girlboss! Now I stop and smell the flowers and do only what is fun.

“If it’s not fun then I’m not doing it!” — Laura Ramos

I’ve been eye-balling several reviews online and haven’t read one positive review. There seems to be more emphasis on #NastyGal’s bankruptcy than the kickass show and as I researched why that is…?

It’s because…

“Juicy gossip makes fascinating front page news” (click to tweet)

My first reaction upon watching episode one of season one was this girl is a badass! Am I watching mini-madonna? In the movie “Desperately seeking susan” Madonna wears a black leather jacket that symbolizes she is a rule breaker and not one to mess with as she discovers herself as a singing artist. BTW Madonna is all about Innovation!

In GIRLBOSS, Sophia Marlowe played by (Britt Robertson) also buys a jacket but not just any jacket it’s an

Original 1970’s east west calfskin motorcycle jacket in perfect condition — GirlBoss

Take a look at video below

How she is able to bargain the owner of the fashion store to lower the price on the jacket is fascinating and darn entertaining! I laughed! Very clever Sophia!

While watching her character I was able to capture her innovation, rebellious, passionate side and could relate. I literatelly was watching me minus the rude attitude or entering shops and stealing carpets! I mean who does that? Ha! And so as stated this tv show is

I loved seeing her passionate side however sometimes it was too much to watch! From breaking things to screaming to throwing a fist in a wall… Someone call 911! There is a hole in the wall!

In episode “One” I kept wondering “Where is her mom?” and does she even have one? It’s proven we are our mothers and so “if” she is having temper tantrums was her mother the same? You will see the cliffhanger at the end of episode 13 why she is the way she is (no judgement whatsoever!)

For being that young she striked confident with a “Don’t care attitude” I will get this $hit done type of independence like every GIRLBOSS would however there are not many like her especially at that age. She would be great to teach other young #millennials how not to give a crap when it comes to working your business because if you are not self-aware in your business you will get runned over or eaten alive especially in this NEW ERA in tech!

Gotta have THICK SKIN and YES! that means not reading every comment or critic review on sites or posts like GirlBoss did in the tv show.

Laura Ramos speaks by experience and growth and what I had to do to get at this place in my life. It hasn’t been easy however believe your greatest lessons come from falling and getting back up! :)

And as I studied her through all 13 episodes I started to like it more and more… Was getting hooked and looking forward to watch Season 2! So don’t judge based on episode one like I was beginning to do! Give it a chance!

What got me psyched was finding out it was filmed in San Pedro! Helloooooo!

San Pedro Near The Grand Theatre

This is the last episode where they steal Christmas trees it’s in the vicinity at The Historic Grand Theater on Pacific and 6th street. One of many locations they filmed in our city. Hollaaaaaaaaaaaa!

How come I never heard they were down here? :)

That’s my backyard! My city! The streets I walk on! The farmer’s market I go to, the artwalk, the pizzerias I eat at and the theater I attend when there are special events… and so I got to give mad props to the writers, filmmakers, directors and the whole crew for thinking of SAN PEDRO!

We support filmmakers and it brings value to our historic city which many hollywood directors love!

And so since I rambled about what Season One is like and my town and shtuffff…. I thought I’d talk about “The Rockstar” in fascination a.k.a. Sophia hashtag #GIRLBOSS!

I’m The Catalyst and She is my sista from a different mista! We are totally different yet the same! In fascination the “Rockstar” coincidential enough she sings in one of the episodes as if she was a rockstar is by means no coincidence! So, the writers hit it in the nail to paint her as a rebellious Enterpreneur/Rockstar!

Salvador Dali & Madonna are both Rockstars!

Rockstars personalities are risk takers who love disrupting the status-quo! All eyes are on them as they enter the room. They are bold, artistic unorthodox, revolutionary. They break conventional thinking. They come up with creative ideas and inventions. They thrive in challenging environments and so this explains why Sophia was totally outside her comfort zones all the time. From nailing a rug to the wall as a background to do her videos from her laptop!

Definitely knew how to work with what you have!

What can we learn from the Rockstar: Be Bold! Courageous! And WIN!

The reason Sophia was able to be okay after all the screaming when E-bay cancelled her account was because she came up with something else such as her own company, her own website! She didn’t need E-bay anymore! She didn’t get bummed for a long time of why E-bay straight up said Bye Felicia due to the haters that complained against her.

“Once your bad with E-bay they hold a grudge” #funnyquote from one of the haters in the episode.

Can you imagine having an E-bay account and doing soo good that the haters complain cleverly and your account gets frozen and then cancelled! What do you do now?

Well, that is what happened to Girlboss! Moral of this story is the best experience comes from the worse circumstances! Growth! And growth is what you seen from episode one to episode thirteen!

Must watch all of them to decide :)

To end this blog my advice is not to to take GIRLBOSS literately! It’s creatively loosely written however based on actual events. It makes you want to be GIRLBOSS. Confident, Doesn’t take NO as an answer, Is super creative yet is real and cries as she is not a robot! ❤

Stay tuned for more blogs on fascination and what a difference it can make with personal brands, business brands, film, love, personal life, etc…

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