How Influencing Decisions Is A Matter Of Reputation — Protect Your Brand!

“Making major changes to the life I’m living I had to prove I made the right decision” — Drake

Turning down Harvey Weinstein for lucrative work is not easy especially when it comes to a POWERFUL wealthy man in authority. We’ve seen many actresses come forth with the trending campaign #metoo and that too hasn’t been smooth-sailing. It was created years ago, however, today it’s become more captivating due to the Weinstein scandal.

Prior to the sexual assault headlines, we’ve all seen on social media today’s #Twitter trend as per “The Hollywood Reporter” how Drake and his business partner rejected Weinstein’s offer to star in and produce a film called “The Heist”

Drake’s business partner (future) said “I vetted him with five people and got bad feedback about working with him”

It’s not about money or power it’s about decisions that will impact your life whether good or bad.

Did Drake do the right decision?

You Bet!

Sometimes we get so desperate or want to take short cuts that we end up making irresponsible decisions that lead us to a dead end.

Being That Drake Has His Mars

In futuristic Aquarius squaring Pluto in Scorpio he is calculated about his decisions as Pluto is endings, transformations in it’s home sign of Scorpio which is deaths, changes, transformations and when it’s tugging at action-oriented Mars it has the ability to dice with death. This hard aspect gives him the edge for it seems that every accident or emotional hurt just makes Mars/Pluto even stronger and that’s a great thing however why go through all that hurt why not just avoid it with self-awareness and this is why he is careful about his decisions.

Not saying an impact would happen by working with Harvey Weinstein however his brand would be damaged by working with that man. You need to protect your personal or business brand. When it comes to hollywood musicians I see them as a personal brand, their identity. It’s not their logo or colors or design. It’s how people remember their messages when communicating. What they’re saying. What they believe in.

“Your reputation will influence decision making from people who make TRUST judgements” (Click To Tweet!)

It’s safe to say Drake did the right decision. Drake has created a pop-culture through his music in a millennial-era which always needs to hold value and climb the charts not fall due to linking with shady deals. We’re not all perfect and we learn via mistakes however when you have his transition of mars squaring pluto you can’t afford to make mistakes…but if you do know it’s a lesson learned and that’s where growth happens.

It brings me to Selena Quintanilla (Rest in peace) which she left too soon and although didn’t have mars opposition to any other planets she did have her moon in capricorn squaring her pluto in virgo. Pluto in virgo people don’t like being criticized. They want security, but don’t feel the same impulse to do whatever it takes and Capricorns are ALL IN 100% explains why her parents would criticize her… Her dad in particular for not firing her killer earlier on as they suspected she was stealing money from her fashion line business (virgo in pluto) while rumors said her killer was in love with her due to an obsession… Perhaps she felt sacrificing her own desire to serve her family would be best and finally confronted her killer that unfortunate day alone! (The independent head first aries in her)

Big mistake! Wrong decision! (She needed to be with bodyguards or family members) But then again it was her time to go!

And So Why Do I Say All This?

Because it’s valuable information when it comes to your fans, clients, customers when it’s decision time. When purchasing products, when watching a movie at the theater, when attending concerts, when having fanatics for life.

They will research in social media, talk to people and based on the trust factor from people they respect decisions will be made. I’m not saying be Mother Theresa. I don’t even try to be her. You can be innovative (break the rules) and creative which comes from Entrepreneurship however people buy based on TRUST and if that trust is broken you won’t have a profitable business long-term.

Sometimes sticking to what’s consistent and familiar is best. There’s no such thing as overnight success however you will find SUCCESS.

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Laura Ramos / Branding Fascinista



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