How Are We Feeling With Business & Love?

4 min readOct 29, 2023
Lot Of Fortune conjunct Pluto — Square Chiron, North Node Aries

It Feels Good To Return To Blogging …

Blogging is where it all started for me years ago … and as I contemplate of where I was and where I am today which has been massive growth and confidence, I return to where it started for me …

Let’s Dive In the astro weather after the blood lunar eclipse in Taurus ruling Money Markets, Wall Street, Real Estate & Investments.

Asteroid Chiron Aries 9th house of countries, marketing, luck conjunct North Node Aries 10th house of Elevation and Status — in a challenging square to Lot of Fortune Capricorn, Pluto, asteroid Pholus & asteroid Cupido 6th house of environment, health, pets, service to others, shopping and day to day activities such as running errands.

The asteroid PHOLUS, creates domino effects of more and more and more! Radical change happens and brings extreme situations to the forefront! A spiritual crisis enter and life changing events happen. It carries Saturn/Neptunian energies.

In Capricorn, the sign of investments and real estate … Pholus uncovers the lid of much needed change. Our environments are changing, transforming, our relationships with people are changing and many of us are losing or separated who we once were close to. I know in my life for example my Capricorn family members have moved to a much calmer relaxed inexpensive state of Utah due to foreseen changes with job changes and a much needed transformation for their family. (Just an example)

When I look at challenging squares between 6/9 houses of local environment and international travel to me it’s a red flag between two type of energies especially when it involves the wounded healer “Chiron”, it tells me there is a healing aspect with some sort of elevation with honors and prestige and father figures. 10th house is ruled by Saturn, discipline, loyalty, God energies and luxury. Perhaps an elevated position is challenging an environment or community with business and love.

Is this the path I am destined to enter?




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