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Are you marketable?

Read a captivating article from “Business Insider” which described amount of money $$$ actors earned in the 90’s and it brought me to write this piece with the intent to share my thoughts from a branding and marketing point of view.

To read their article go here:

I started to think how has Hollywood lost it’s power of captivation when it comes to drawing masses of fanatics to worldwide theaters and then it dawn on me we’re not in the 90’s!

Toto I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore! ❤

Haha! It’s a new ERA! Back then there was Blockbuster. That’s it.

God I loved Blockbuster!

Any reason to just walk aisle by aisle and see the latest movie releases and old flicks as well. People looking at my rentals and saying “Great choice by the way!” and starting conversations offline. Grab some milk duds, popcorn and a sprite. Today it’s very different. We now have #Redbox, Netflix Technology Blog and other movie apps on demand in your mobile which are very convenient and pretty much did damage control on Blockbuster!

Hashtag #BlockbusterOutOfBusiness

Technology has really changed the game!

According to article read actors in demand back in the 90’s were paid top dollar $$$ some were Jim Carrey, Sandra Bullock, Will Smith, Tom Cruise. What today is called the $20 Million club (earning $20 million per movie) back then it was $70M for a female leading role so it’s safe to say “some” female actresses were earning equal pay according to their ability to influence fanatics and magnetize them to the theaters.

Today whether you can act or not if you’re in a film that draws many movie-goers to the theaters for example a DC or Marvel superhero movie you should be getting equal pay as your male counterpart and if not why not? Where is the line drawn how much one earns? Leading roles should always get top pay especially if it’s a big box movie blockbuster! Superhero movies always bring in billion dollars in revenue as we have seen the success of MARVEL and as technology rapidly empowers what, when and where to watch today being a great actor is the least of concern for many filmmakers.

I’ll tell you why …

Cinemaverite (cinema-truth)

Is a film style used in the 70’s at that time it was discovered as “Innovation” it’s a process in which it involved “non-actors” who when put before a movie camera not only acted naturally, but in many instances passionately bared their souls naked as if the camera were not there. The reason for this degree of reality is closely related to world-wide revolt against traditional methods.

It was credibility. It was reality in the 70's

I’ve also seen an educational PBS program of “Actors on actors” in which actors interview each other. You may have heard it before but I never had! Never seen it before until I was channel surfing sometime last year and ran into it.

Shoutout to American Experience | PBS Got to love PBS! I grew up on PBS.

What was fascinating was actors mentioning non-actors can be some of the greatest actors and I don’t know about you but when actors are humbling speaking of normal people and how great they can be (passionate people communicate this way) at acting it shows character. Kerry Washington and Aziz Ansari before#metoo scandal!

Watch here

I started thinking of Clint Eastwood’s recent christian film “15:17 To Paris” Many claimed it was not a great movie due to the actors. The actors were non-actors. The actors were real. Real true heroes. It was their testimony what happened that day while traveling on a train in Paris. A scary incident by the way! However these guys had the courage to save lives!

Put in a situation like that fateful day, what would you have done?

After being interviewed and taken under Eastwood’s wings they mentioned “faith” is what drove them to save people’s lives in the train and themselves.

When all you have is to fight for your life and stay alive… you have to risk it all!

Knowing myself I would of reacted the same way. I would of strategized a quick plan of escape and act and if I die at least I died doing something I believed in and know my reward would be in heaven. #fearless

I seen the movie. The acting was good it wasn’t bad as many claimed. I just think people are used to seeing real actors in film and when they say

“Who are these actors?”

They automatically reject the movie completely or perhaps because it’s a christian film and actors are of believing faith. Honestly I wouldn’t know why they would dismiss a Clint Eastwood Film! Had Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt been in the movie ratings would be described as an action-thriller must see! Hopefully that changes within the next 8 years as people become more forward-thinking with innovation. Innovation is something different than the same old same old and faith strongly encouraged due to difficult times.

It’s creativity! It’s visionary! It’s surprising!

If you’re a an actor or actress does celebrity branding still apply?

You bet! Even though the movie is a red big box ticket item and you earn in the millions as an actor you have to question and say …

“Am I a great actor, actress?”

“Am I fascinating?”

Which can lead to many more opportunities down the road. In Hollywood the more you’re in demand the more movie deals you get. For example let’s look at Jennifer Lawrence she earned $20Million for Red Sparrow.

You can read all about Refinery29 article here

However, film didn’t make much buzz yet she got paid mega bucks! She’s known in Hollywood for being a great actress and according to article the best actress and highest paid in the world! Yes I’m not kidding! Google and you’ll read all about her fame, stardom and earnings. Did Harvey Weinstein have anything to do with her fame? Ummm, not sure maybe just a tad… :)

Today PR won’t get you far. Reason is technology has forever changed Hollywood how they captivate audiences and guess what? Billions of fans are in social media not sitting at home watching television like back in the 90’s. If you want your show to be seen in TV, you’d first have to post content, tweet, instagram or facebook it to magnetize them to turn on that television set. That’s just the way it is now.

One brit actor I follow in #instagram is Henry Cavill and he does a great job at engaging with his fans. He’s educational, shows behind the scenes shots of his dog, running marathons, group shots premiering his movies, funny memes and so on… not many actors do this and this has his many followers engaged and will support his upcoming films without really dangling a carrot as he is perceived as captivating!

Btw Mission Impossbile is coming up! Can’t wait to see it!

Remember his PR didn’t do this. He does this or maybe his assistant but I seriously believe he does it…

Do what?

Check it here:

And so I end the blog with it’s not your PR’s job to engage in political activism or movements which cause for applause or to be liked or recognized as the most important person in the world. As movements like #metoo and #timesup it’s impossible for an agency to do this type of work and if they did who are they engaging with and who’s engaging with them? It complicates it.

Just some thoughts … ❤

Change is here and transparency too!

Sharing is fascinating if you found value share with your friends ❤

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