Expressive Ways To Be More Passionate And Predictable With Militant Saturn

“Creativity Is Contagious Pass It On” — Albert Einstein

Fires don’t surprise me anymore. Hurricanes and earthquakes is the norm when it comes to local and international news. Soon enough we will look back and say what a disaster it was to experience them or hear about them however know they still need our help. It’s the humanitarian thing to do! ❤

As I logged into #twitter I said another fire? Yes the canyon fire in the area of “Corona, California”. I was taken back but not too surprised as I vividly seen the pictures in social media. With a fire energy (moon in sagittarius) yesterday and today we will be more creative, passionate, inspired and energized!

Passion: Emotion.

We find ourselves to be assertive and express our desires.

It’s the language of relationships.

Language of emotional experience that feelings will be remembered.

Language of play, excitement and intoxication. It’s flirty too!

Yes Pancakes Can Be Soo Tempting!

Although our brand or us as individuals can feel all gooey and warm it’s also a great time to take action towards healing and cleansing. Right now many are not only dealing with destruction but their mental health is at stake as well. Relationships are being tested, broken and the famous climate change is asking us to look deep into the consequences of ignoring nature.

It’s Up To Us To Expose The Real Problem And See What Happens When It’s Ignored.

It’s Sad…

Texas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Florida. It’s really shaken up states and countries around the world.

A wake up call!

Do You Have Something To Learn Or Teach?

Be Expressive! Read How:

It’s a great time to learn from others and teach the masses (your followers, squad, fanatics) who believe in your work and what you do to inspire change. Scarcity mentality is thinking there’s not enough to go around.

Stinking Thinking!

Believe me there’s lots to learn and teach. Be Expressive! Know not everyone will follow you and you have to be good with that. Know others will criticize your work or not agree with your work and you have to just ignore and follow your passion ❤

If I paid attention to everyone who told me “who to be” or “how to” do my work I would not be doing service to my fans who get inspired daily. I can’t tell you who follows me because I wouldn’t know however what I do know is I’m making a difference when it comes to fascination.

TV shows, News broadcast, Celebrities, Filmmakers, Pastors, Entrepreneurs, Magazines, Brands, Hollywood, Non-profits, Presidents from around the world, etc… and so on… they all follow me… Hopefully North Korea and Russia are not following me! Ha! Too funny! :)

With a philosophical moon in sagittarius we seek truth, knowledge and experience. Travel, politics, business is favored and we can express ourselves by sharing our passions! We’re less concerned with the ordinary details of our lives. I can see more tweets, more articles, more blogs, more news and with pluto almost moving forward expect more political scandal coming out. Pluto in the business sign of capricorn takes action forward on thursday Sept 28th.

There’s “No Oppositions” Today

However predictable saturn aligns with the moon in sagitarrius and reminds us of our responsibilities and limitations. It restricts us from certain things. It teaches us about karma and how alive it is! It believes in rules and regulations. It’s the military sign. I don’t know about everyone but I dislike rules. I like rules, my rules! :)

When I worked at the largest west coast ports it was very much about abiding by the rules or you would be fired for the day. Rules that were in place to avoid injury or even death. Of course I followed these rules however once I innovated and became an Entrepreneur I put in place my own rules and can now take a breather. (Must be my aquarius in jupiter!)

What Will You Notice With Saturn?

Your innovative ideas a little too out there with saturn energy yet it’s up to us to continue our amazing work as it’s what we believe in and are passionate about. Nobody really likes “saturn” as nobody likes restriction or the breaks on the gas pedal especially when you are reaching momentum…

So, it’s up to you to work with this energy. I’m following my passion, my path and it’s not for everyone to follow yet I still have many fanatics who appreciate my work and that makes me happy! ❤

I’d love to hear how you will work this energy and get creative! You can find me via twitter at and let me know! :)

Sharing is fascinating, if you found value share with your friends.

Laura Ramos / Branding Fascinista



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