Everyone Has A Goliath. Are You Woke Enough To Experience It?

7 min readMay 3, 2018

“When people in authority want the rest of us to behave, it matters — first and foremost — how they behave”

Ever watched the movie “David & Goliath I totally recommend it. It’s a movie about war, battles, wealth and overcoming. It’s a book and film everyone needs to see or read as it depicts the struggles we all go through and how heroic love creates the hero in us.

Battles can be mindsets, physical, or invisible wars which the latter is one of the most dangerous there is yet not impossible to win

I once heard a multi-millionaire speaker Mario Marin share a golden nugget and that nugget alone is all I needed to know and it was this quote which I share with others that changed my life 100%!

The best thing I can do to show gratitude is to share his website. I love to give back to others who have supported me or changed my life for the better.


I’ve never seen the entire David & Goliath movie only portion of it and have heard TED talks and sermons however never from beginning to end, glad I was able to and reason why I’m sharing this blog

Throughout the story we see young David a fearless boy daring to fight Goliath and ultimately killing him when other soldiers failed miserably. Due to his courage God blessed him and became anointed. He went through several more tests as he grew up and became King Of Israel father of Solomon the wealthiest man in Israel. (Royal blood)

As David becomes an adult he lays eyes on his first soon-to-be wife. King Saul offers David to sacrifice soldier blood and bring evidence in order to marry his daughter Michal

David with a disappointed voice tells King Saul in order to marry his daughter …

Honestly, I don’t think another soldier would of done what David did! All through the movie I kept say Geez he is crazy! Lots of blood-shed in the movie and in reality far worse was experienced in those days. It’s a true movie about WAR.

His story is of heroic love. A love that was led by fearless courage and did it anyway.

The definition of courage is doing it afraid.

Are we always fearless? I don’t believe we are. It is my deep belief many of us are scared as heck yet we still do it due to the reward or result of. There are many things I’ve overcame and can say I’m pretty fierce due to it however know in other areas I would crack but I’d still do it if it means that much to me.

What’s your heroic story?

Have you ever done something out of the ordinary that may seem bold, shocking or unexpected?

Recently painted my hair color electric blue with temporary paints it’s already coming off and not as visible as before however I really liked the look as a change was needed and was pretty bored with my blonde hair. I entered the beauty salon and was looking for something different. The sales guy seemed pretty helpful and said these temporary colors last 10 washes and I said heck why not?! I was feeling pretty rebellious and adventurous it did grabbed lots of wanted and un-wanted attention and in all honesty it was pretty hilarious! I’ve also walked away from businesses that no longer helped me with my growth and success and that wasn’t easy but I did it! It’s scary not knowing where you’re going and wondering if it’s going to work out. You just have to BELIEVE! :)

I don’t know what the heck I’m doing and where I’m going but I gotta TRUST!

Here’s a #socialmedia post I wrote branding my blue hair ❤


I’ve been reminiscing about the past and where I am today and it’s not too fun as most of it has been fireeeey trials, delays, setbacks, sadness, shocks you name it but as Steve Jobs says

“You have to look back at your past to make a connection with the future”

Innovation is the future, Trust is the past

And you somehow have to link both together so I pulled out my Samaritan Purse scripture card box from Ruth Graham (Billy Graham’s wife who has passed on too) and meditated if there’s anything God wants to reveal to me and 3 scripture cards fly off the box and so that’s what God wanted to reveal to me.

These were the cards:
* Victory
* Trusting in God
* Love

And then I pulled an extra card while I meditated on my enemies and
God’s forgiveness is the card I pulled and said on point!

Fast forward … many thoughts were passing by my mind as I watched the movie and it involved David having many wives, betraying one of his good soldiers to fight in battle while he is enjoying himself with Bathsheba a beautiful lady who turns out to be his wife later on in life. She was married to the soldier killed in battle. Lots of temptations but I’m not here to judge the movie just simply to shed some light that we’re not any different than the bible characters. We are not perfect. We have flaws. The reason God forgave David was due to his prayers and asking for His forgiveness. Guilty conscience? Perhaps. Wanting a clean heart? Perhaps. Although his reign as King was taken away his son Solomon was appointed as the successor and that was God’s forgiveness. (Of course later we find that wasn’t easy either as Solomon later in life had to fight his own brother and eventually was killed as he wanted to aggressively reign King)

When you’re destined to pursue a goal as a revelation given enemies will try to knock you out and claim it as theirs. And in this case God said No! In reality your enemies don’t care about your love life, career, material life what they’re after is your DESTINY! #staywoke

So this morning I was thinking about our faults and how some of us continue to do them and not feel about having a guilty conscience. Or do we? Can’t we just be decent human beings. Be good to people and worry about our own lives rather than destruct? It’s time for CHANGE.

If you’re going to destruct do it for GOOD! #Innovation

The reason our prayers go void is because we’re not changing and continue to do the same thing (nothing good) and at the end you ask why my life is chaotic and disorganized?

Why can’t nothing good happen?

It’s either

1) You’re going through test and trials or
2) Lessons

If David was forgiven … so can we, but first we need to ask for his forgiveness and repent. It doesn’t make us any perfect it’s just a matter of confession and acknowledgment we were in the wrong and would like to make it better. It’s like an addict, he/she goes to treatment to seek help and heal because he’s being real.

If whatever goal you’re attempting to gain by fighting let’s say a crush on someone and you’re the ONLY ONE fighting you have to sometime ask yourself “Is this reality?” “Is it worth it”?

God doesn’t want us perfect as a matter of fact he works with the unperfect and you want God to be working along your side. He does love action and fearlessness though and it’s explained all over the bible.

If God was watching you right now what do you think He would say about you?

Would He say he/she is not afraid? Or would He say he/she is another Peter? Can’t walk on water …

And so I end this blog simply to recommend this movie or book to anyone looking to overcome battles. David is a great example of courage and forgiveness.

You can buy David And Goliath. Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants here! Great reviews as well if you’re into them like I am! :) https://www.amazon.com/David-Goliath-Underdogs-Misfits-Battling/dp/0316204374

To your warrior-within! ❤

If you found value share away with your friends ❤

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