Entrepreneur Kid Of The Month: CJ Merchant!

Cj Merhant / Archer/Entrepreneur

Living in San Pedro has many benefits from the ocean breeze, hiking trails and old fashion restaurants… I love food! (foodie me!) ❤

I recently heard a quote from a celebrity during an interview…

“Be Greatful Where You Are To Go Where You Want To Be”

I loved it ❤ because my interpretation of it was not many are greatful where they are whether it’s in their lows or highs and if your not greatful with the simple things when the big things come you won’t be greatful. Nothing will ever be enough… and when is enough…

A couple of days ago I was reading our monthly magazine “ San Pedro Today” that is delivered and always look forward to skimming through in case I see interesting articles or what’s happening in our neighborhood. It so happens I was drawn to an article of a 12 year old Entrepreneur by the name of “CJ Merchant”

Even his last name says “I’m an Entrepreneur!” What makes this kid awesome is his drive to follow his dreams to become an “Archer” based on the action blockbuster “The Hunger Games”

One of his goals is to compete as an archer in the olympic games!

Olympics 2020

I was amazed to hear his love of archery after watching a movie! Many may think

“That’s too hard”

I can’t possibly be an archer but not CJ! It’s been 4 years since his interest peaked after watching the movie and after getting a bow for Christmas. Ever since then he became involved in The South bay Archery Club (JOAD) and has competed with many other archers and practicing daily! From fascination to obsession!

The good type of obsession peeps! :)

As a result of two years he’s taken “FIRST” place in the annual “JOAD” Competition finishing seventh in the nation at 2016 JOAD National Indoor Tournament and recently competing in the worldwide Vegas Cup where CJ proudly earned his “Silver Olympian” and “6 Gold” JOAD pins.

To learn more on JOAD click here

And I only sold candy and played the violin and the clarinet! Ha! But that’s another story… This is about CJ! :) (Humor!) :)

After watching the 2016 Summer Olympic games, CJ as the achiever that he is and so rightly he was inspired to aim higher! Having already approached to apply for the Salt Lake City- based “Regional Dream Team,” he is hoping to shoot to compete in the 2020 or 2024 games!

CJ’s fascination for the sport continually grew as well as competing for the Olympics. With the electrifying need of new equipment and fees of competing he decided the way to raise money was right in his backyard! And he quotes

“I want to do what I can to pay for some of the costs of archery myself, instead of relying on my parents for everything”

He suggested to his parents about starting a business so his parents and himself thought about what they can do… Hmmm? He mentioned having growing rosemary (herb) in the backyard which they always use to cook and so the parents came up with ideas as a delivery option and mom mentioned recipes he can include each month…

When desperation calls… Hustle! and that is exactly what CJ did! :)

He mentions “his desperation to get better equipment and not wanting to wait for Christmas or his birthday he went to his bedroom and designed and drew up the logo for his business”

“CJ’s Rosemary” was alive! It became a family business. Dad assembled flyers, mom found recipes and CJ picked herbs from their backyard. Merchant made around 100 flyers and visit door to door in his neighborhood. He was able to knock on a few doors and give his story and people were eager to help him out. Ended up with a few donations in person and even got a paypal donation that very first day!

It was encouraging he quotes!

The purpose behind “CJ’s Rosemary” is if interested CJ and his parents will deliver to your door fresh homegrown rosemary with a featured recipe (Rosemary sweet potato friends is CJ’s favorite) The goal of their business is to earn enough money to fund his passion of archery.

If so desired the person receiving wants to help him out, then they can give him whatever amount they choose (He quotes)

If they choose not to that’s okay too. He’s met some great people in his neighborhood and so far everyone has been extremely nice”

The buzz around the exciting things that happen in a small town news of Merchant’s business spread like wildfire from both word of mouth and social media.

CJ hopes to continue to focus on his small business for as long as it takes to help him reach his archery goals. When he is not showing off his talents within the athletic and entrepreneurial worlds, CJ also enjoys cooking and his family has named him the “fruit ninja” taking care of his five pets, performing in community and school plays and watching Stranger Things on Netflix

From the look of it sounds like this amazing kid is ready to strike Gold!

This is Generation Z!

For more information on how you can participate in CJ’s Rosemary please email: CJsRosemary@cox.net / Donations can be made via Paypal to the same email address.

Sharing is awesome! If you found inspiration share away! ❤



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