Are you fascinated with the OSCAR’s this year? If not you should! I will give you 5 reasons why!

According to WikipediaThe Oscars” is an annual American awards ceremony hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements in the United States and every year it’s broadcasted on television to bring recognition to film, movies and celebrities. It’s a time to see what movies are trending and which are making the greatest impact when it comes to ratings. I was pondering the difference between now and the past 10 years when it comes to this prestigious event called “The Oscars”

There is a whole lot of difference today. First and foremost due to the fact that Donald Trump a.k.a. celebrity is our new POTUS. Kind of awkward to say it as I believe many people still can’t get used to the fact that a celebrity is a President. It can happen! Anything is possible today! ❤

And so as many tune in to watch the prestigious Oscar Awards there are many reasons you should watch.

  • Bloggers have the ability to see fashion trends and beautiful gowns by prestige designers
  • Political trending topics (Everyone is engaging in politics)
  • Motivational speeches
  • Funny moments by Kimmel
  • Backstage interviews with celebrities & Goodie Bags

Film And Celebrities being recognized and what to look forward to:

Best Picture:

  • Arrival
  • Fences
  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • Hell Or High Water
  • Hidden Figures
  • La La Land
  • Lion
  • Manchester Of The Sea
  • Moonlight

Actors In Leading Roles:

Casey Affleck, Denzel Washington, Ryan Goslin, Andrew Garfield, Viggo Mortensen

Actress In Leading Role:

Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, Ruth Negga, Natalie Portman, Isabelle Huppert

And so as we tune in to The Oscar Buzz and many reasons to… As Steve Jobs quotes…

Steve Jobs APPLE Ex-CEO (R.I.P.)

I think about what a roller coaster it’s been watching these eventful celebrations and the mysterious Oscar curse? I know I’m not living under a rock and very well aware that Hollywood talks a lot about Oscar winners ending up with a fabulous golden trophy yet a doomed marriage ending up in divorce! What’s up with that Hollywood? Oh the mystery!

Oscar love curse or Oscar superstition?

The best Oscar show with high ratings of 42ish million viewers is dated back in 2004 with “Lord Of The Rings” and 2005 “Million Dollar Baby” and it took roughly about 8 years to have the next best Oscar recognition event with 40ish million viewers when “Argo” won and there hasn’t been much success since 4 years ago!

Last year there was a boycott in Hollywood due the lack of diversity with blacks. To read article click here and the rating was eeeeeek! Really low! The boycott really affected “The Oscars” and Politics has also damaged Hollywood partly because many celebrities partaked in protesting, creating a movement to become liberals. (No judgement whatsover!) However, because of the strong opinions and the loss of Hillary Clinton Hollywood also took a hit. It went slowly crashing down.

Many didn’t support their causes and remained quiet about their decisions to rebel against the new President.

Last year democrats suddenly became republicans, republicans automatically became democrats and others just became atheists. (the belief in nothing) Many didn’t even know who to vote at the end and based their decisions by being influenced or making concrete facts. None is better than others. I am not bias and know whether Democrat or Republican both would of disappointed in office as nobody is perfect and they make mistakes. It’s Politics for crying out loud! It makes news and boy is it making news with Celebrity Trump in office. That’s what’s trending…! And so…

Could we possibly see high rating this year in 2017 with Jimmy Kimmel as the presenter?

First of all Jimmy Kimmel is a funny comedian…well liked and fascinating! He is liked by many including Trump and we all know POTUS will also be tuning in to the Oscars perhaps to see what is said about him or because he just loves to be part of the elite. If you ask me I think he would love one day to sit VIP front row to watch it live with many prestigious celebrities. But that’s just me talking… Don’t mind me ❤

And as I study the past ratings v’s present ratings I ask myself “What made past ratings so high?” Was it the presenter? Not even close! Was it the movies? Yes. Did Politics influence high ratings back in 2004/2005? No. What about in 2013? Perhaps. “Argo” was a ridiculous high-suspense movie that I will always talk about and not due to the actors but the meaning behind all the action! It was soo good that it became a controversy! And peeps when a movie becomes controversial it becomes buzz on social media and when it’s in everyone’s eyes and mouths you know it’s a huge success and that is what we call FASCINATING!

People were not sold on a rational level but on every emotion! You felt every emotion… I mean the fact that I forgot I was in a theater and yelling walk fast go go go… and bite my nails as to how the escape will turn out and someone in the back Shushhhhhhhhh’s me and I have to say ok sorry! Ha! How rude! Shusssshing me! But you know you got a killer movie when it’s that bad-ass!

Tip: Analyze the past but don’t do the same old same from past years and what’s worked before… We are living in changing times today. We must innovate Hollywood with new life to prevent it from slowly but surely decaying itself up from basically a stagnant elite. Statistics show Hollywood has not done much progress for 4 years ever since Argo… So what’s new now? What’s trendy? What’s popular? What’s surprising? What’s shocking?

What future opportunities do you have to offer it’s viewers? fans? audiences? If you ask me the “All Are Welcome” policy and open doors to every actor or potential actor with talent in Hollywood is a great way to start. I got to give high-5 to directors who cast new upcoming latinos into films. As a latina myself, seeing Diego Luna in Star Wars was moving as many others experienced what a thick accent he had and was able to play a major role in the big screen and be part of a wonderful cast. I’ve been noticing open doors and hope it continues…. Over to you!

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t need my advice I’m sure he has it in the bag! Oh the pressure! (hehe) however… I’d like to share some valuable magic sauce that is dripping cheese so to speak and how it can benefit with the DNA of Hollywood Oscar Buzz

What is Hollywood doing that is new and revolutionary but at the same time maintaining glamour, prestige, elite, red carpet… ?
Using humor is awesome! Do more of it!
How are you surprising your audience with unusual bizzare stories or new perspectives on the world? politics? technology? Celebrity massive deaths in 2016? (oudated)

Everything and anything is NEW! NEW! NEW!

When Hollywood attains high ratings and grows it’s presence… It become POWERFUL and prestigious! Be result oriented by studying what’s in, what’s out and how you can improve and upgrade a better Hollywood for all.

That is how you FASCINATE! How you do it… it’s up to you!

To your Elevation!

Laura Ramos ❤
Branding & Marketing Fascinista



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