Angry Women And The Year Of “No More”

3 min readDec 30, 2017


“Women will be celebrated with lioness and roar”

The Weinstein controversy we all witnessed in social media was the beginning stages of what’s to enter in 2018. It was an icy sliver of cake and one to enjoy.

2017 was a Leadership year. A “One” Year. A year to prove to the world words are not simply words but action!

Understanding why women have to suffer without looking at the reason why people feel the way they feel eventually caused a massive explosion and transformation in business and relationships.

We’ve seen it all this year!

From celebrities to women next door like you and me. Women that decided we will no longer be silenced and that being naive to think love always wins is the best way to win… Truth is… It’s not! Angry women with everything and anything to lose will win!

Personally I was an angry female along with many others. My story is not a Weinstein story however involves bullying in social media to the point of misuse of evil. It’s taught me to be stronger, have resilience while at the same time protect my loved ones.

Alone you can go faster but together you can go farther. In gratitude to have the powerful support I have received this year. You all know who you are, too many to name ❤

Only one can support other women that go through similar situations when experienced close encounters. I believe every women has a story and many brave women stepped up to say “I will not be silenced” Alyssa Milano had no idea #metoo campaign would go viral on twitter but it did for both “sexual and assault” hashtags.

Founder of “Mee Too” is Tarana Burke which we later discovered this movement was created years ago.

What it taught men was this was the year of “No’s”

And it’s okay to say “No” even if it would cause a war or revolution. Hence we’re having revolution energy as well. Many historic events from the 30’s, 80’s are repeating themselves again in this new era so get used to it people!

Not only was this a Leadership year but a year of new beginnings

Indeed it began a year of newness! Many more women in film were celebrated, Wonderwoman, Professor Marston And The Wonderwomen was created. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thurman came forth. Michelle Obama communicated more in events held in Los Angeles and other cities. Oprah had a segment with 60 minutes on political divisions which involved topics in “Leadership”

Will 2018 the year of relationships expose more stories?

Only one can tell however this was just the beginning. Women will start stepping up in Leadership and we will start seeing the effects of Taurean energy in May which is feminine energy in Innovative and shocking Uranus!

As women start their start-ups, home-based businesses we will have to teach females to become more confident and self-assured when it comes to communication. What’s okay, what’s not okay and the power of a “No”! Yes even i it causes a war!

I will be using my story as a platform to teach the younger generation what I’ve learned through trial and error based on my experience. It’s been tough but one most valuable lesson. Self-awareness is key. If there is something you need to master it’s self-awareness.

And so I end this blog and this year accomplished knowing every sacrifice, every lesson it’s made me and many women out there who we are today. My desire is for you to feel accomplished as a woman.

There’s no better feeling ❤

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