Absolutely, On The NEW MOON IN LEO!

5 min readJul 28, 2022

“ Eyes on the prize, feet on the ground, heart on fire”

You can see a male lion that a little boy is guiding at the landing of the pedestal, which symbolizes the force and the intelligence. In the four extremes, there are four seated statues: the Peace, the War, the Justice, and the Law. (Mexico City, El Angel De La Independencia)

On June 28th, 2022 1:55 p.m. EST (10:55 a.m PST) we will enter the New Moon in Leo 5' degrees of Leo! That’s double fire if you ask me! It will trine Jupiter Aries 8' degrees and conjunct Nurturing Prosperous “Ceres” in Leo 2' degrees (Venusian money degree) and Vulcanus in Leo 2' degrees of money the asteroid of abundance and nurturing. (Female energy however masculine carries feminine energy as well)

Ceres is an asteroid named after “cereal” aka wheat. Abundance. Prosperity and Mothering. It’s a fascinating mysterious nugget I learned from Jessica Adams Astrologer. People with this position of Ceres located in Leo sign are extremely happy if they can take care of others, I know shocking right? since Leo people have a huge ego, but this is not the case. They want to make others feel happy. This woman is a leader and wants to be inherited by her kids. There is a pronounced urge to nurture them; these mothers are warm and gentle, there is no doubt about it. They defend their children like lionesses, ready to tear anyone who dares to touch her babies.

Are you feeling over-protective with this new moon in Leo?

I’ve always noticed the sign you have in Ceres is who you mother. I for example have it in adventurous Sagittarius, so I’m perceived as a fun, lucky and higher learning guru mother to Sagittariuses. I do not intend to it just happens naturally. If I had children I would be a teacher or my kids would perceive me as an intellect of information yet fun and lucky! Disneyland trips, cupcakes and sweets and traveling abroad. Library trips and eating different type of foods.

Asteroid: Vulcanus is a Leadership asteroid of courage and confidence so we will feel more confident and ability to face anything should it arise. The New moon will also sextile (magnetizing opportunities) to LOT OF FORTUNE IN LIBRA at 5' degrees exactly to the new moon degree! LOF abbreviated is an asteroid of fortunate events and signifier of prosperity in one’s life. It’s a Leo degree as well so it’s definitely vibing the royal energy! Libra is justice, law, balance, art and esthetically beautiful.




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